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When traveling abroad, it is always good to have a handy guide to the local language.  Whether you want to read a menu, follow local street signs and directions, shop, or be able to deal with an emergency while you're traveling, any of Franklin's portable Travel Translators will help you.  Compact and lightweight, these devices are faster and more complete than using a printed version.

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  1. ET-2105

    Trek - 5-Language European Translator

    Model Number: ET-2105

    Spell words how they sound – the phonetic spell corrector will have you writing (and talking!) like a local in no time. Loaded with more than 210,000 translations and 5,000 popular phrases so you’ll never be at a lost for the right word. Learn More

  2. Gran Maestro - Speaking Spanish-English Language Master

    Gran Maestro - Speaking Spanish-English Language Master

    Spanish-English Language Master™ Dictionary

    Model #: BSI-6300

    Franklin’s most in-depth visual and auditory tool for language learning, the Gran Maestro puts a bookshelf of the Spanish and English language knowledge at your fingertips.

    Learn More

  3. ET-3115

    Transporter - 15 Language Advanced Global Translator

    Model Number: ET-3115

    Whether you’re visiting the Colosseum, the Kremlin or the Great Buddha of Kamakura, you’ll never be at a loss for words. Multilanguage translator packs an amazing 1.7 million entries across 12 European and 3 Asian languages.

    Learn More

  4. Passport - Speaking English  Spanish Translator

    Passport - Speaking English <-> Spanish Translator

    Model Number: TES-700

    Have no fear! Be proud to pull out your Passport – it’s got an international flare with its sleek, modern, metallic case with trackpad and gets you immediate access to native Spanish and English words and phrases. Featuring 40,000 words and 2,000 phrases, there’s no need to hide your lack of language knowledge. Our phonetic spell correction technology allows you to enter the words as they sound to you and it will instantly retrieve the correct word even if it is misspelled. Type in “kunvenyent” and in seconds, you’ll see: “convenient” and with a touch of the key translate the English word to the Spanish translation “conveniente”. Then you can listen to the word by a native speaker in both Spanish and English! Learn More


  5. ET-2002

    ET-2002 Spanish-English Translator

    Fits perfectly in your shirt pocket Learn More

5 Item(s)

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