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  1. LaRousse French/English Dictionary

    Larousse French-English Bilingual Dictionary

    Model Number: BFQ-475

    Take another step toward conversational mastery with loads of basic and advanced tools designed to help perfect pronunciation and vocabulary. A comprehensive dictionary, a useful TOEFL study-aide, it contains thousands of synonyms and antonyms and phonetic spell correction help set your sights on success. Learn More


  2. Passport - Speaking English  French Translator

    Passport - Speaking English <-> French Translator

    Model Number: TFE-700

    Have no fear! Be proud to pull out your Passport – it’s got an international flare with its sleek, modern, metallic case with trackpad and gets you immediate access to native French and English words and phrases. Featuring 40,000 words and 2,000 phrases, there’s no need to hide your lack of language knowledge. Our phonetic spell correction technology allows you to enter the words as they sound to you and it will instantly retrieve the correct word even if it is misspelled. Type in “kunvenyent” and in seconds, you’ll see: “convenient” and with a touch of the key translate the English word to the French translation “commode”. Then you can listen to the word by a native speaker in both French and English! Learn More


2 Item(s)

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