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Puzzles & Games

Research suggests that exercising your brain may help improve functions.  It doesn't matter if you enjoy crosswords, Sudoku, Scrabble or any of a number of other games.  But sometimes everyone needs a little help with spelling or verifying the word.  You'll find a Franklin Electronic device that will be perfect for an extra boost.

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  1. Merriam-Webster Crossword Puzzle Dictionary

    Merriam-Webster Crossword Puzzle Dictionary

    Model #: CWP-570

    and Franklin's Merriam-Webster Crossword Puzzle Dictionary is the perfect, comprehensive resource for crossword and word puzzle enthusiasts alike. Complete with 500,000 synonyms and antonyms, a crossword puzzle solver, word jumble and word builder - this puzzle guru has everything you need to give you that competitive edge.


    Learn More

  2. Spelling Ace Pro  & Puzzle Solver

    Spelling Ace Pro & Puzzle Solver

    Model Number: SA-309

    Sure, it can fix spelling mistakes with phonetic spell correction…but that’s only the beginning. The pocket-sized companion is a pro at solving word puzzles (like crosswords and jumbles) in a flash. Learn More


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  3. Sudoku: Multi Game Pack Version

    Sudoku: Multi Game Pack Version

    Model Number: LRB-122

    Crunch the numbers for hours of fun with Sudoku and three other number games. Learn More


  4. Anybook Keepsake  (15 Hour)

    Anybook Keepsake (15 Hour)

    Model Number: DRP-3100

    Adding your voice brings any keepsake to life.

    AnyBook - Homepage Learn More

  5. Fun n' Calc

    Fun n' Calc

    Model Number: LRM-120a

    Math is fun, especially when you add in this slim handheld. Doubles as a calculator and features multiples levels to accommodate beginners to advanced learners. Learn More


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