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Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path. -Psalm 119:105

With a Franklin electronic handheld Bible, you can read, study and understand God’s Word. Our portable devices let you spend more time on devotion and contemplation as you effortlessly find the passage you want by book, chapter and verse, or by any key word. A perfect tool to share the message and witness to friends or family at home or on the go.

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  1. Holy Bible, New International Version

    Holy Bible: New International Version (NIV)

    Model #: NIV-570A

    With the most advanced search functionality, this essential reference tool features the full text of the Old and New Testaments of the New International Version (NIV) Bible, and makes quick work of locating that just-right passage. Added bonus: inspiring daily devotional verses plus phonetic spell correction.

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  2. kjv-600jpg

    Speaking Holy Bible: The Complete King James Version Old and New Testaments

    Have God’s Word in hand, no matter where life takes you!  Cutting-edge recording technology. Delivers a crystal-clear reading of God’s Word -- 80 hours pre-loaded and instantly accessible via this stand alone device.  Easily navigate your way through the entire King James Version (both Old and New Testaments) from Book to Book and Chapter to Chapter.

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  3. Reflections by Johnny Cash

    Reflections by Johnny Cash

    Model Number: JCV-600

    For the first time in 10 years, we are releasing the recordings Johnny Cash made exclusively for Franklin. The Man in Black paints a mural of God’s Word as he shares his personal Reflections & Scripture

    Readings from the Holy Bible, King James Version. Hear Johnny Cash's influence – God's Word – and how it was a continual guidepost for his direction in life.

    * BONUS: Includes 2 CDs with the same content as on the player

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  4. KJV-570A

    Holy Bible: King James Version

    Model #: KJV-570

    With phonetic spell correction, you can easily search and save any book, chapter, verse or keyword. Features the complete Old and New Testaments of the King James Version Holy Bible.

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