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Interpreter- Speaking 14 Language Global Translator

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Model Number: EST-5114


Traveling to a foreign country and trying to communicate might normally require a companion to interpret … or several books. With this <<Speaking>> 14 language pocket translator, you become your own interpreter! It’s as light as your phone, highly portable and requires no data plan. Translate 2 million entries faster than you can flip the pages. Invaluable are its 1,000 useful phrases in each language, a full Merriam-Webster English Dictionary, a user-defined personal dictionary for quick reference and more!



Interpreter- Speaking 14 Language Global Translator

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  • Translate over 2 Million unique words across 14 languages to and from Arabic, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, Polish,     Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish
  • A total of 2 million translations, with more than 1,000 conversational phrases and 20,000 headwords, per language
  • Input Pinyin (Chinese) and Romaji (Japanese) characters via the QWERTY keyboard
  • Translations for Arabic, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin and Russian are displayed in native characters as well as in the Roman letters
  • Speaks words and phrases in recorded human voice
  • Integrated Merriam-Webster English Dictionary (non-speaking)
  • Micro USB connectivity to your PC or Mac** enables you to create a personal word list or personal dictionary of up to 500 entries on your computer and          download it to the device. Great if you need occupation-related words or phrases
  • Toggle easily between Source and Target language for quick input
  • Phonetic Spell Correction (available in most languages) allows you to type the word how it sounds and the device will find the correct spelling
  • Portrait form factor with 2.4” color display
  • Built-in calendar, calculator, currency/metric converter
  • Local / world clock and alarm
  • Countdown timer
  • Adjustable font sizes and volume control Specifications


  • USB connector (cable included)
  • 2 AAA Alkaline or Rechargeable Battery (alkaline included)
  • Headphone Jack for private listening
  • User guide in 14 languages
  • Dimensions without packaging 4.72 x 2.95 x 0.82”
  • Weight 3.73 oz
  • Minimum system requirements - Windows 8 / 7 / XP / Vista / Mac OS X with USB 1.1 and Microsoft Excel
    The EST-5114 features over 2 Million entries to and from 14 languages. Input your words in Pinyin (Mandarin) and Romaji (Japanese) via Qwerty keys. Arabic, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin and Russian translations are displayed in their native characters as well as their Romanized equivalent. EST-5114 also features a high contrast color screen that is easy to read in any lighting condition. Toggle easily between Source and Target language for quick input.
    The EST-5114 has over 20,000 headwords per language and includes over 1,000 useful phrases so you can quickly find exactly what you are looking for. Each phrase is recorded in clear human speech by a local speaker so you can easily communicate while traveling, or perfect your pronunciation while learning another language. Simply press the “Speak” key on the keyboard to activate the speech function.
      English Dictionary
    Along with the translation databases, we've included a non-speaking Merriam-Webster English dictionary with over 75,000 definitions. Entries are found using predictive spelling as well as through Franklin's patented phonetic spell-correction. Entering "Jiraf" returns "Giraffe." Entering "Nolij" returns "Knowledge" or entering “Suttle” returns “Subtle.” Definitions include parts of speech, pronunciations and usage examples to help students write and speak effectively.
    Input via Qwerty Keys  
    Input your words in Pinyin (Mandarin) and Romaji (Japanese) via Qwerty keys.
    Franklin's Patented Phonetic Spell Correction is always there to assist the user.  
    Because words are not always spelled the way they sound, Franklin's unique spell correction analyzes your entries and returns the word that sounds closest to your entry.

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