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  1. Anybook Reader (15 hour)

    Anybook Reader (15 hour)

    Model #: DRP-3000

    Got a book? Then you can read to your child any time - anywhere, and encourage his or her love of reading. Anybook Reader holds up to 15 hours of recording time!

    View our demo below to see how it works! 


    AnyBook - Homepage

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  2. 14 Lang. Trans. With Visual Dict. Sale

    14-Language Speaking Global Translator (with Visual Dictionary) Refurbished

    Model Number: EST-7014R 


    Whether you're travelling across Europe or Asia, nothing is more frustrating than not being able to communicate with those around you: the store clerk, the taxi driver, the potential business partner. Your solution is Franklin's 14-Language Speaking Global Translator. You can find over 2.5 million entries across the 14 included languages: Arabic, Chinese (Mandarin), Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Turkish. And not only can you view the translations, but you can hear them too, all in recorded human voice.

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    Regular Price: $149.99

    Special Price $119.99

  3. Anybook Keepsake  (15 Hour)

    Anybook Keepsake (15 Hour)

    Model Number: DRP-3100

    Adding your voice brings any keepsake to life.

    AnyBook - Homepage Learn More

  4. Turista - Spanish-English Phrasebook & Translator

    Turista - Spanish-English Phrasebook & Translator

    Model Number: TES-221

    Spanish-English Phrasebook & Translator Learn More


  5. BES-2170

    Profesor (Speaking Spanish-English Dictionary)

    Model Number: BES-2170
    The Profesor is unlike any other Spanish-English Dictionary out there. Phonetic spell-correction and speaking capability is a given – the pocket reference tool was specially created by language experts to help advanced students master spoken and written English as it’s actually used.
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  6. BES-2110 Sale

    Instructor - Speaking Merriam-Webster® Spanish-English Dictionary (Refurbished)

    Speaking Merriam-Webster® Spanish-English Dictionary

    Model #: BES-2110

    With over 5 million translations and 240,000 definitions, it’s a snap to listen and learn your way through English and Spanish. And to increase fluency fast – it speaks headwords, 4,800 conversational phrases, plus catches spelling errors as you make them.

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    Regular Price: $99.99

    Special Price $69.99

  7. Parallel Speaking Study Bible

    Complete texts of the King James and the New Living Translation Bibles - SPEAKING!

    Model Number: BIB-950

    Instantly cross-reference verses between the King James Version and the New Living Translation Bibles.

           KJV and NLT
       Stephen Johnston

    King James Version; New Living Translation; Tyndale Bible Dictionary.   Comes packed with features.   Cross-reference between the KJV and NLT– Even find any book, verse or word with phonetic spell correction!  Narrations by Stephen Johnston.

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  8. DBE-1510

    Estudiante - Merriam-Webster ® Spanish-English Bilingual Dictionary

    Model Number: DBE-1510
    From the classrooms in San Francisco to San Juan, students will build their language skills with over 5 million Spanish-English translations. Phonetic spell correction, grammar tools and interactive quizzes keep the learning going. Learn More

  9. The Classic - Merriam-Webster® English Dictionary

    The Classic - Merriam-Webster® English Dictionary

    Merriam-Webster’s® Dictionary and Thesaurus with 5 Language Translator

    Recommended for students from junior high to university level and adults

    Model #: MWD-1510

    A handy "8 books in 1"  learning device, The Classic is perfectly designed for junior high through university level students and professionals looking to enrich their vocabulary and improve their spelling & grammar skills.

    The Classic offers you a wealth of features that you won’t find on any one “app”. Not sure how to spell a word?  Enter it as it sounds and The Classic will instantly find it for you.  Confused about when to use “effect” vs. “affect”?  Problem solved with the help of the Confusables function. PLUS, this device includes a 5 language translator offering you a quick reference to the most commonly used words and phrases in English, Spanish, French, German & Italian.

    merriam-webster's dictionary and thesaurus with 5 language translator

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  10. Interpreter- Speaking 14 Language Global Translator

    Interpreter- Speaking 14 Language Global Translator

    Model Number: EST-5114


    Traveling to a foreign country and trying to communicate might normally require a companion to interpret … or several books. With this <<Speaking>> 14 language pocket translator, you become your own interpreter! It’s as light as your phone, highly portable and requires no data plan. Translate 2 million entries faster than you can flip the pages. Invaluable are its 1,000 useful phrases in each language, a full Merriam-Webster English Dictionary, a user-defined personal dictionary for quick reference and more!

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