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Puzzles & Games

Research suggests that exercising your brain may help improve functions.  It doesn't matter if you enjoy crosswords, Sudoku, Scrabble or any of a number of other games.  But sometimes everyone needs a little help with spelling or verifying the word.  You'll find a Franklin Electronic device that will be perfect for an extra boost.

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  1. Speaking Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary & Headphone Bundle

    Speaking Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary & Headphone Bundle

    (Bundle includes the SSD-256 & HP10)

    Model #: NOV1

    Speaking Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary

    You’re set with textbooks and literature for class, but what about a device that is handheld, instant, off-line and more than a dictionary and thesaurus? Complete with a vocabulary building SAT®* word list, grammar guide, and a guide to Punctuation and Style from Merriam-Webster™, this ultimate helper provides everything you need to make your school year a literary success. 

    Franklin Headphones

    Franklin's HP10 headphones are compatible with all Franklin Speaking Merriam-Webster Dictionaries.

    Learn More

  2. Merriam-Webster Crossword Puzzle Dictionary

    Merriam-Webster Crossword Puzzle Dictionary

    Model Number: CWP-570

    Serious gamers need serious tools…and this puzzle guru puts 500,000 synonyms and antonyms plus a crossword puzzle dictionary at your fingertips. And that’s not all – it also contains a crossword puzzle solver, word jumble and word builder to give you that competitive advantage. Learn More


  3. Anybook Keepsake  (15 Hour)

    Anybook Keepsake (15 Hour)

    Model Number: DRP-3100

    Adding your voice brings any keepsake to life.

    AnyBook - Homepage Learn More

  4. Spelling Ace Pro  & Puzzle Solver

    Spelling Ace Pro & Puzzle Solver

    Model Number: SA-309

    Sure, it can fix spelling mistakes with phonetic spell correction…but that’s only the beginning. The pocket-sized companion is a pro at solving word puzzles (like crosswords and jumbles) in a flash. Learn More


  5. SPELL


    Spelling Bee Game
    Recommended for Ages 6+

    Model #: LRL-230

    Assist your children to earn “A’s” on their weekly spelling tests with our interactive fun Spelling Bee game! Your child will quickly learn how to correctly spell the words by LISTENING to and LEARNING their personal spelling word lists.

    To play, SPELL will speak the word for your child to enter the correct spelling. SPELL quickly grades if the spelling is correct or incorrect. If incorrect, the correct spelling appears for fast learning.

    Learn More

  6. Sudoku: Multi Game Pack Version

    Sudoku: Multi Game Pack Version

    Model Number: LRB-122

    Crunch the numbers for hours of fun with Sudoku and three other number games. Learn More


  7. Fun n' Calc

    Fun n' Calc

    Model Number: LRM-120a

    Math is fun, especially when you add in this slim handheld. Doubles as a calculator and features multiples levels to accommodate beginners to advanced learners. Learn More


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