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AnyBook Reader (60 Hour)

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Model Number: DRP-4000

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Reading is a wonderful way to spend quality time with children – now you can read ANY book to them…even when you’re not around. Best of all, it works with the books you already own.


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DRP-4000    Anybook Reader  (60 Hour)

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With ease, you can now record yourself reading a book to your child or grandchild. This way, they'll have you with them always, even when you're not there. With this simple touch, record, playback process you can record any page of any book you already own. AnyBook reader stores up to 60 hours of recordings.

Any voice.

AnyBook reader doesn't use a computerized voice. It uses your voice – or your child's – or their grandparent's. In other words: any voice. This allows you to give the words the inflections you want. Create the characters' voices and personalities and help them jump off the pages. Go ahead and make them laugh! After all, you know your children better than we do.

Any books.

And you know the books that your kids like. The books that help them learn. We understand that, so we won't ask you to buy any more books. You have freedom with AnyBook reader, freedom to select your kid's favorite book. Or any book from their library. Simply record any of the books they've already got.

Any time.

AnyBook reader is ready for your children whenever they want it. Maybe you're travelling on business or just working late. Maybe you're overseas serving our country or simply live far from your extended family. We're not trying to take your place. But in this small, simple way, your child can know you're thinking of them.

AnyBook reader comes with a selection of stickers. Each sticker uses a unique code which allows you to associate different recordings with every page of your book. Don't worry! These stickers use special glue which won't damage your book so you can remove them at any time. Select your favorite sticker designs to personalize your recordings.



  • Battery Requirements: 2 AAA Batteries (not included)
  • Dimensions: 6.5 x 1.6 x 1.1 inches
  • Weight: 4 oz.

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