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"How can I look it up if I can't spell it?" How many times have you been asked this question? It's the age-old paradox that has frustrated countless students, teachers, and parents! The question remains – how DO you look up "phone" in the dictionary if you think it is spelled "fon"? With Franklin products, students simply enter a word the way they think it is spelled and our units will verify or correct the spelling. For example, enter "fon" and the unit will return "phone" or enter "nolij" and get back "knowledge". Giving students the ability to quickly and easily find the correct spelling of words used in their speaking vocabulary encourages them to expand their writing vocabulary. Now their writing takes on a new dimension with more interesting word choices.

Hearing a word can make all the difference for students who can't identify the correct spelling visually. That's why we offer several models that pronounce each word out loud. A student may not recognize that "pneumonia" is the correct spelling of their entry word "newmonya". Now they can identify the correct spelling by listening to the choices! A child that might have spent 10 frustrating minutes looking for the correct spelling of a word can now find it in seconds with a speaking Franklin product. Pronunciation is also helpful during reading assignments. When an unfamiliar word appears, it is easy for a student to type in a word and press the "say" key! Students become self-reliant, which enhances their self-esteem.

How often have you thought "If they use the word good one more time in this paragraph, I'll scream"? That's why we include a dictionary and thesaurus in many of our products. Students can find 17 thesaurus definitions with over 100 synonyms for the word "good" in seconds, and if they don't know what a thesaurus is, they can look it up in the dictionary! With the touch of a key, your students can access definitions, synonyms, or the pronunciation of any word appearing on the screen. This browsing feature leads to serendipitous learning.

Over 20,000 schools are using Franklin products in the classroom with great success! Educators have embraced the concept of electronic books just as they did calculators. Teachers and students from 1st grade to college level have found these units helpful in getting back to the basics of spelling, vocabulary, writing, reading, and pronunciation. Our products can be easily integrated into existing curriculum and can accommodate different learning rates and styles.

Try some in your classroom! Then when your students ask "How can I look it up if I can't spell it?", "How is this pronounced?", or "What does this mean?" your answer will be ... Use your Franklin!