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Franklin Electronic Publishers is a privately-owned company dedicated to enriching lives by enhancing media consumption and language communication. Since our founding in 1981, we have specialized in creating tools to help people around the globe effectively connect with a technologically diverse and dynamic world. At Franklin, we use our nearly 30 years of experience to reliably make anyone's language interaction successful.

Beginning with the renowned Spelling AceĀ® in 1986, Franklin has developed numerous tools to maximize the needs of the user by producing results specific to their requests. Quick and easy solutions to the language-learning needs of Franklin's customers are available using Franklin's monolingual and bilingual dictionaries, multi-language translators, and language learning courses. These top-selling titles are accessible around the globe in thousands of retailers and on the Internet. Thousands of schools provide Franklin products to eager students to enhance their learning experience.

Behind the scenes, Franklin develops and maintains tools to boost the spell correction, hyphenation and thesaurus capabilities of some of the most popular software applications. Because Franklin owns tens of patents in the U.S., a number of international patents, and various copyrights for technology and data, we maintain the versatility to stay at the forefront of design and implementation. Use of proprietary software architecture and data compression, in addition to the management and ownership of product design and tooling, allows Franklin to remain competitive in manufacturing products. In all ways, Franklin is dedicated to continuing to produce products with our hallmarks of quality, reliability, portability, and speed.

Every day, Franklin's specialized experience and dependable presence keeps us at the forefront of linguistic and communication solutions. Our reading and writing enhancements can help you communicate more effectively in print, online, and on the go. Our translators, dictionaries and other tools enhance and expand your language knowledge at home and enable more positive experiences when you travel. Franklin is dedicated to building upon our expertise to pursue new solutions and new avenues of growth so we can remain your trusted source of connecting effectively with others.